b'WCIDC INDUSTRIAL & BUSINESS PARKS1. Westmoreland County Industrial Park I 2021 WCIDC Quick Facts2. Westmoreland County Industrial Park II Over the past 38 years, WCIDC has established 3. Westmoreland County Industrial Park III itself as a leader in industrial and business park 4. Westmoreland County Industrial Park IV development. These numbers quantify the impact 5. Westmoreland Business & Research Park our parks have on the local economy. 6. Westmoreland Technology Park I7. Westmoreland Technology Park II8. Westmoreland Distribution Park East/West9. Westmoreland Distribution Park North10. I-70 Industrial Park 165 Companies8,600 Jobs11. Westmoreland County Airpark12. Monessen Riverfront Industrial Park13. Jeannette Industrial Park14. South Greensburg Commons15. Mount Pleasant Glass Centre16. GreenForge Building More than 7.6 More than $6.417. Commerce Crossing at Westmoreland Million Square Million in Tax18. Westmoreland Logistics Park Feet of BuildingsRevenue3'