10 Business Outreach In 2018, the Business Outreach Program targeted more than 86 businesses, successfully visiting approximately 52 different companies discussing various issues of concern, providing information on existing programs, as well as informing companies of any new initiatives that could assist the business community. Of those visits, 41 were part of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s Engage! Program. Engage! is a statewide business retention and expansion (BRE) program designed to regularly and proactively interact with targeted companies. Challenges for Companies: For the third year, workforce remains the biggest challenge for companies. With more and more job opportunities becoming available, companies need to determine how to retain their current workforce, while at the same time figure out how to attract new talent to add to their staff. Success Stories: Unity Township Sewage Project When four long-standing, local companies needed to expand, but were limited due to the existing sewage constraints in their area, The WCIDC was able to step in and coordinate efforts to help. The WCIDC along with the EGC collaborated with local companies, Unity Township municipal officials, Unity Township Municipal Authority, the Governor’s Action Team, and State Senator Kim Ward to seek funding from the PA Small Water and Sewer Program for Phase I of the project. The efforts were successful and in September the Common- wealth Financing Authority (CFA) approved a $424,996 PA Small Water and Sewer Program grant to the Unity Township Municipal Authority to install a 4,000-foot sanitary sewer line to serve two businesses, Product Evaluation Systems Inc. and JMS Fabricated Systems, which are expanding operations along Donohoe Road in Westmoreland County. Overall, the phased project will bring sewer service to four companies along Donohoe Road and affect more than 300 jobs. WCIDCAnnualReport19links_Layout 1 2/11/19 4:51 PM Page 10